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We can serve a lot but our focus is on Book-Keeping to provide you with unmatched services

Every Client is different and so is our customised service for them

No two clients are same and so are our services for them. Their trust in us makes our teams as their extended team


Takeaway or Dine in Food Business

Amazon Sellers

Complete Solution for Ecommerce Startups


Need extra hands during peak season

Refurbish Vehicle Sales

Customized Solution for Truck Repairs / Sales office

Grocery Stores

Manage all Inventory Online

Education Centres

Quick Maths - Tuitions - Online Classes

Immigration Consultants

Customized solutions for conslutants


Customized solution for doctors

Those Are Just A Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More

Delivering exceptional results and fabulous client service using smart technology with the vision to achieve professional growth.

‘Sincerely help clients first, and money will follow.’

‘We are your extended team’

‘We have and can deliver all your simple to complex projects on time. Our statement is the result of 30+ years of total combined experience of the team and can say we can deliver’.

We do the Bookkeeping , You do the business


We understand that every business has unique set of needs and one single price may not fit all. To get an accurate estimate, you can schedule a no obligation appointment by clicking here. We are happy to customise the pricing as per your needs.  

Our Standard prices are given below


  • Hourly fee for is charged for the work where information is captured from Invoices, Bills, Receipts, Bank or Credit Card Statements and entered in to Software.


  • Weekly hour booking required.
  • Description of work required
  • Estimated hours can fluctuate by 10%.


  • Bank Reconciliations, Credit Card Reconciliations, Debtors Reconciliations, Balance Sheet Reconciliations, Intercompany Reconciliations and Troubleshooting


  • Weekly hour booking required.
  • Description of work required
  • Estimated hours can fluctuate by 20%.


  • Generating Trial balance, Month end , Year end work, Working papers, Financial Statements, Ratio Analysis, Ad-hoc Analysis, Reporting , Ad Hoc Automation work


  • Weekly hour booking required.
  • Description of work required
  • Estimated hours can fluctuate by 15%.

Softwares & Applications we use

Bookkeeping Services in Mississauga

A quality accounting books and its accurate numbers are the image of any business. It not only shows the quality and decision readiness of any business rather ensure management to keep track of its cash flows handy.

   “We always say: Numbers do speak”

In order for book keeping numbers to speak or make any sense in the business, the melody lies in three main ingredients:

  • Accuracy : Correct data should be entered
  • Completeness : All transactions should be entered and complete
  • Timeliness : Only relevant period transactions should be entered

If any of these three ingredients are missing, the resultant numbers or bookkeeping results in the form of financial statement don’t serve its purpose and hence not 100% reliable for making business decisions.

Due to advancement in technology it’s easy to put in the entries and maintain books of account by anyone with little to no knowledge, however ensuring all the three ingredients present in the books is the task of a professional accountant or book keeper with required experience who can take on the spot decision and comply with all the requirements in a timely manner.

JE Books was created with the sole determination of providing exceptional client service along with supporting the idea of collective work relationship thereby working with the businesses as their extended teams instead of a vendor customer relationship.

Our vision is to be the leader in bookkeeping and accounting services to businesses of all scales and levels and to stand with them when they need us most.

Cost Vs Benefit of Hiring JE

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